Post-Op Instructions for Extractions

  • BITE ON GAUZE PACK FOR: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour
  • Be sure your child keeps pressure on the extraction site by biting firmly on the gauze we
    provide, without opening, for the amount of time indicated above to stop bleeding.
  • If the area continues to bleed, try placing a damp tea bag directly over the extraction site
    and have your child bite against it with additional gauze for adequate thickness.
  • However, please be aware that a small amount of blood in their saliva is normal for up
    to twelve hours after the extraction.
  • Please call our office if there is significant bleeding at the extractions site after twelve


TOMORROW: BRUSH TEETH as well as possible, RINSE GENTLY as necessary. Your child
may also do warm saltwater rinses to help with healing and keep the area clean. Mix one
teaspoon of salt with approximately eight ounces of water and have your child swish for about
thirty seconds, then spit. If your child dislikes the taste of salt or tends to swallow the liquid,
have them rinse with plain water.

DIET: Your child should avoid solid foods until numbness is gone. They may then eat or drink
normally but should avoid chewing on the area of surgery and avoid hard crunchy foods for the
first few days. Your child should consume plenty of fluids and substitute soft nutritious foods for
those which are difficult to chew.

MEDICINES: Your child may take any normal prescription medicines as directed. If your child
experiences any soreness or pain give them whatever you would normally give for a headache,
such as Children’s Tylenol or Children’s Motrin. Dispense medication only as directed and do
not give children Aspirin. If your child experiences pain that over-the-counter medications
cannot control, call our office.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS: 1. Your child’s temperature may be slightly elevated for 24-48 hours
after the extraction. 2. Tightness of the muscles (trismus) may cause difficulty in opening the
mouth. 3. Your child may have a slight earache or sore throat. 4. The skin may become
discolored for approximately 1-2 weeks after the extraction. This is not a bruise. It is the result of
bleeding into the tissue and is of little significance. 5. Mild swelling may occur, but if it is more
than slight, call the office.